Whatcom County Backpack Drive

Backpack Drive

Hello Everyone! My name is Marianna and I am starting eighth grade this fall.

During this previous school year I had a major school project called “My Social Action Project.”  This is an individual project where you choose a community or worldwide problem and help make an impact.  All the 7th graders at my school were required to complete this project.

As I was trying to figure out what my topic was going to be, my mom came to me and told me about Fostering Together and how many of the foster children in Whatcom County needed backpacks for school. I thought this would be an amazing project for me because I value education and I wanted to help make an impact in my community.

The first thing I did was gather some information by interviewing Shala Crow, the Region 2 Fostering Together Coordinator. She helped me to understand that many foster children within our community are in need of backpacks. Many foster children move from house to house and need a way to transport their personal belongings. They also need a backpack to carry their school supplies so they have every chance at success.

From there I made a social action plan. I figured out ways I could create awareness and how I could collect backpacks for the 2014 – 2015 school year.  Here are some of the actions I took:

  • I hung a poster up at my school
  • I wrote letters to family and friends
  • I wrote letters to backpack companies
  • I placed a donation box at our local pool
  • I created an Amazon wish list
  • I created a Facebook page
  • I contacted local banks for donations
  • I participated in online fundraising event

After doing all of this, I had collected 80 backpacks! After my presentation to my social studies class, my teacher complimented me on my effort and hard work. She even said she had visited my amazon wish list and my Facebook page! Many of my classmates were very interested in the topic and asked if they could donate some of their gently used backpacks.

I was so happy that I made such a big impact in our community, and I am very glad that 80 foster kids will have a new backpack at the beginning of this school year!

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