Caregiver Core Training is mandatory for caregivers to become licensed.

The 24-hour Caregiver Core Training is made up of eight sessions and a break for a field experience at the mid-point. For an in-person class near you enter your zip code below. For the online Caregiver Core Training class,  click here. Caregiver Core Training is available in-person and online.


Session 1: Introduction to the Child Welfare System
Session 2: Working as a Member of a Team
Session 3: Working with Birth Families
Session 4: Cultural Connections and Advocacy
Session 5: Growing Up with Trauma, Grief, and Loss
Session 6: Understanding and Managing Behavior
Session 7: Communication and Crisis Management
Session 8: Getting Ready and the Effects on the Caregiver Family

Field Experience

Participants have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom by choosing an activity that will give them more awareness of the children within the system or of the role of a caregiver for children in the system.



Families will need to register for classes.