Three Days Only

3 Days Only

She had experienced years of abuse and neglect at the hands of those who were supposed to protect her and at the age of 13 she found herself sitting in an office while a placement worker desperately made phone calls to find her a foster home. As each phone called ended with a “no” she slipped down further on the bench.

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The More the Merrier

44 years ago the Harpers did not know where the journey of foster care would lead, but 10 children (6 biological, 3 adopted and 1 in guardianship) and over 40 grand and great grandchildren later, the Harpers know that this was the road they were supposed to take. The challenges they faced were far outweighed by the blessings they received and if they had to do it over again, they wouldn’t change a single thing.

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She Offered Me Her Hand

Seventeen years ago, Michelle was a 7 year old girl in foster care on the way to yet another foster home. As the oldest child in a sibling group of three, she felt responsible for the care and safety of her siblings and she was determined that this new foster mom was not going to take her place as mother to her baby sister and brother. What she didn’t count on though was that this new mom wanted not just her baby sister and brother; she also wanted her.

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It Started with a Yes

Nine years ago, Christie was a newly licensed single foster parent with an empty home and a desire to work with medically fragile children. Her lack of experience held her back though from working with this population of children until one day when she was asked to take a hard to place toddler with HIV. This placement was the first of many medically complex children who would eventually fill her home and her heart.

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DJ Finds a Forever Family

When Sheila first met DJ, he was a 7 year old bundle of energy who was fascinated by everything he saw in her home. It didn’t take long for him to begin testing the water, but it also didn’t take too long for Sheila to fall in love.

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The Georgiu Family

Romanian emigrants Alex and Julia Georgiu made the difficult but rewarding decision to foster a 12-year-old Romanian girl who had spent years in an abusive adoption home. Although their foster daughter had trust and behavior issues, they never gave up. Gradually the couple began to understand how their daughter ticked and what were triggers for her behavior. Today, the Georgius are proud of their daughter: a promising young adult making her own way in the world while staying very close with her family.

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Beth’s Story

Success Stories_Beth's Story

After getting treatment for substance abuse at a young age, years later Beth was prescribed painkillers after a car accident. That started a downward spiral, and her two sons went to live with Olive Crest foster parents Shirley and Mark Stoddard while Beth got treatment and rebuilt her life over the next two years.
Beth now speaks at foster care events and mentors women in AA whose children are in foster care. She is grateful for the support she received from the Stoddard’s during this difficult time and the peace that she had knowing her boys were being cared for by a family who loved them and helped them to become the healthy young men they now are. Beth’s story is proof that there’s hope for restoration and reminds foster parents of the impact they can have on a family.

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The Morrin Family

Success Stories_Beth's Story

Sue and Kevin Morrin didn’t hesitate to open their home to a three-month-old infant whose birth mother Kristy* was getting treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Kristy saw her baby girl during weekly supervised visits, and Sue and Kristy bonded over their shared love for the baby.
Kristy started attending church with the Morrins every week, spending time with her daughter and being mentored by Sue.
After six months, Kristy was able to take her baby girl home. Kristy and her baby live just five minutes away and remain very close to the Morrins.

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*Name has been changed.