Obtaining Eyeglasses for Children in Foster Care

When your foster child sees a Medicaid Optometrist/Ophthalmologist and receives a prescription for glasses or lenses, his glasses will be ordered from Airway Optical.

  1. The eye doctor (provider) or optical shop needs to submit a fully completed request to Airway Optical. If the request is not complete, Airway will return it to the provider for completion.
  2. Once Airway receives a fully completed request, it takes approximately two weeks to process the order and ship the completed glasses/lenses back to the provider.

If you are not notified the glasses are ready after two weeks, here are steps that may be helpful:

  • Ask the provider to confirm the date the completed request was sent to Airway
  • Make sure Airway has had at least two full weeks to fill the order
  • Contact the provider to see if the glasses are in
  • If the glasses have not arrived, ask the provider if they have contacted Airway to determine the status, or if there has been a delay you can contact the Fostering Well-Being Program at: FWBCCU@dshs.wa.gov or 1-800-562-3022 ext 59594 or 360-725-5954

When contacting the Fostering Well-Being Unit, you will need to have the:

  • Provider’s name,
  • Child’s name and
  • Provider One client ID number.

The Fostering Well-Being Unit can facilitate contacts with the Vision Program at the Health Care Authority and Airway Heights to discuss any issues.

  • When possible, keep the child’s previous glasses to be used as a “back-up” pair.
  • Continue to encourage and teach the children in your care to protect and take care of their glasses. Rough play always brings the risk of breakage for children who wear glasses.

Click Here for a printable flyer.

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