March 27, 2015

Tim and Tsacha Mewhinney are committed to the children in their care and provide a loving and nurturing home for them. They understand the mandates and requirements of our agency and are supportive to biological families of the children. They work well with extended family members, facilitating visits with extended family, and communicate regularly with the assigned social worker about any concerns as well as any successes in the lives of the ch…ildren in their care. The children they have now have blossomed, grown, and made fantastic progress while with the Mewhinneys. The Mewhinneys are also concerned about the children’s older brother who is in another foster home, which is not a permanent home. They have offered ideas about potential permanent homes for him in the event he cannot be returned to the care of his parents. MaShelle Hess

Garrett and Bethany Johnson took placement of two young boys and have done a wonderful job integrating their mother into their lives. They have been able to involve the boys in wrestling and have followed their mother’s request to have them in boy scouts. They offer rides and will help the boys’ mother get to their wrestling tournaments. Garrett and Bethany have opened their hearts and their home to the boys’ mother so she can participate in important events in her children’s lives. They will help me out by transporting the boys to various appointments and they keep me informed of concerns. Garrett and Bethany have also shown the ability to have appropriate boundaries with the boys’ mother and keep the boys’ needs and safety in the forefront. Marcey Monohan

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