Becoming a foster parent is a major life decision. When considering whether foster care is right for you, it helps to connect with others who have already gone through the process. Hearing stories of their experiences and knowing they had the same concerns, fears, and doubts often helps make your decision more clear.

Once you have decided to provide foster care, you will then need to consider which population of children to work with. In an ideal world, all foster children would be placed into a home that fully met their emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs. Unfortunately, a lack of available foster homes often results in siblings being separated and children placed into homes that may not understand their unique cultural background. To give as many children the ideal home they deserve, Fostering Together is committed to educating our communities and prospective foster parents about the “greatest needs” of placement for foster children.

Check out our specialized recruitment pages to find out more about the types of foster homes most needed. Listen to the voices of foster parents who have stepped in to help these children, and consider whether you might be open to providing this type of care as well.