Fostering Together also offers online support groups through Facebook where you can “meet” with other caregivers, exchange ideas and get information on current events. For more information or to be added to either of these groups, please check them out at the following links.


Fostering Together Facebook Page

Fostering Together Becoming a Foster Parent (This group is open to anyone going through or thinking about going through the licensing process and is a resident of Washington State)

Fostering Together Teen Reach (This is a private group for Teens in foster care facilitated by a former foster youth.)

Fostering Together Foster 2 Adopt Group (This group is open to anyone who is a foster to adopt home or who has adopted a child from foster care.)

Fostering Together Deaf Foster Children Network (This group is open to anyone who would like to foster a deaf child or is fostering a deaf child and/or is hearing impaired themselves.)