The Critical Support and Retention Program through Fostering Together is to provide support to caregivers to successfully maintain the placement of sexually reactive children, physically aggressive children, and children with other high-risk behaviors. The goal of this program is to provide caregivers with the support they need to successfully maintain the placement. Services will consist of short term therapeutic and educational interventions to support the stability of the placement. Families will be asked to participate in identifying problem behaviors, their triggers and any unmet needs to be addressed. Services will be provided  for a period of time not to exceed three months. Services can include in home visits for direct observation, telephone or conference calls, and referrals to sources of support within the community, including but not limited to support groups for caregivers.
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DSHS Social Worker Referral Line: 855-395-7990

*Referrals must be made by your Social Worker. Be prepared to discuss the issue in behaviorally specific terms.