Paddle to Quinault 2013


The Quinault Indian Nation and the Quinault Canoe Society will proudly host the Paddle to Quinault 2013 during the dates of August 1st-6th, 2013.

Back in 1989, Emmit Oliver, a Quinault Tribal elder organized the “Paddle to Seattle” as a part of Washington State Centennial Ceremony revitalizing a tradition that was lost for many years, and that is canoeing. We now know this as the Canoe Journey. The Canoe Journey has become symbol of cultural revitalization on a national level; we can expect anywhere from 90 US tribes, Canadian First Nations, and New Zealand to join the celebration.

The Canoe Journey creates opportunities for tribal members to re-learn, strengthen and reinforce their canoe traditions. There are many cultural values that are learned from the canoeing some include: pride, cultural knowledge, learning how to paddle, respect, and sense of achievement.

For more information on this event including maps and landing dates, click here.

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