In the State of Washington, you have the option of getting licensed with the State for Foster Care. If you choose to work with the state, you will work with the DLR (Department of Licensed Resources) Office in your County. For more information on working with the State, please contact the following individuals in your area:

Downloadable Foster Care Application Forms

Family Home Study Application (#10-354) Word, PDF
Financial Worksheet (#14-452) Word, PDF
Foster Home Inspection Checklist (#10-183) Word, PDF
Personal Information (#15-276) Word, PDF
Policy Agreements (#10-290) Word, PDF
Reference Questionnaire (#15-286) Word, PDF
Employed Foster Parent Child Care Plan (#10-406) Word, PDF
Medical Report (#13-001) Word, PDF
Background Authorization (#09-653) Word, PDF
Fingerprint Background Check Notice (#27-089) Word, PDF
Emergency Evacuation Plan (#16-204) Word, PDF
Marital/Domestic Partnership History (#09-979) Word, PDF
Out of State Child Abuse and Neglect Check (#15-460) Word, PDF