State & Private Agencies

Child welfare in Washington State has been done by churches, charities and agencies for over one hundred years. As state government has become more involved in concerns for children they have developed contracts with private agencies to help them meet the growing demand of homes for the children in their care. The state sets requirements and licenses both state and private agency foster homes.

Today, children enter foster care through Children’s Administration. The state then contacts state foster parents and private agencies for the placement of the children in foster homes. The agency matches children to foster homes within their agency. Private agencies often specialize in certain types of children, provide case managers and offer other services to foster children and foster parents.

Questions to Help You Select an Agency

1. What geographic areas do they serve?
2. How long have they been an agency?
3. What services do they offer?
4. Do they specialize in specific types of care?
5. Do they have support counselors or case aides?
6. How many case managers do they have?

7. What is the case manager to child ratio?
8. What is the education/experience of their case managers?
9. How many licensed foster care homes do they serve?
10. Are their case managers on call 24/7?
11. How long will it take to get licensed?
12. Do they do adoptions also? If so, what is the fee structure?



Private Agency Directory

There are many Private Agencies who offer Licensing and Placement Services to families throughout your Region. Below is a list of Private Agencies in your region. As we identify more, we will be adding them to this site.

Amara Amara works to ensure that every child in foster care has the love and support of a committed family – as quickly as possible, and for as long as each child needs. We focus on the well-being of children as they enter, experience, and transition out of foster care. Amara is an open an affirming agency, welcoming and actively seeking a diverse pool of foster families in regards to marital status, race, religion, political beliefs, gender identity, or sexual orientation. With offices in Seattle and Tacoma, Amara serves more than 1,500 children and adults every year through three programs: Emergency Sanctuary, Foster & Adopt, and Post-Adoption.

Place Called Hope Logo
A Place Called Hope licenses foster homes in the following areas of service: regular foster care, medically fragile foster care, respite care, foster-to-adopt, therapeutic foster care, and adoption for children aged birth through 17 years. Their trained social service workers provide ongoing support to their families and the children in their care through regular visits and an on-call system that makes services available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, agency staff members compile comprehensive treatment plans, monthly reports and referrals for outside services if necessary.
Bethany Logo
Bethany Christian Services’ goal is to provide stability for foster children by providing stable loving families to care for them. Families who work with Bethany Christian Services will be prepared to take foster care placement of children who have a dual plan of return home and adoption. Families willing to take on a legal risk will be supported in working towards reunification with birth families while at the same time making a long term commitment to a child or sibling group.

CCS Logo
Catholic Community Services has been providing foster care services for over 80 years throughout Western Washington. During the licensing process, they specialize in assessing talents, skills and desires of each family to ensure the best possible match of children with your family.
 CFSF Logo
Community and Family Services Foundation (CFSF) exists to grow and support foster parents, the children in their homes and the foster care community. They strive to make appropriate, lasting placements and move children toward permanency in a ‘forever home’, be it with their birth parents or a foster/adoptive family.

CYS Logo
Community Youth Services provides Therapeutic Foster Care Services for youth who are 8 – 18 years old and are referred by Washington State’s Division of Children & Family Services. The program utilizes a multi-systemic treatment team approach to provide intensive home-, community- and school-based services designed to ensure placement stability, improve school functioning, decrease behavioral challenges, increase pro-social skills and improve mental health. The program also recruits, trains, and licenses its own foster parents.

CLS Logo
Comprehensive Life Resources’  child placing program, Chance 4 Children, has a BRS and receiving care program. We serve a diverse population of foster youth and seek out a diverse group of foster homes including single, senior citizen, LGBTQ and married couples. Our program provides intensive services for foster youth that include case manager, in-house therapist and psychiatrist, foster parent trainer and a foster parent liaison assigned to each case. We have 24/7 on call staff, and experienced licensors that are committed to successful placements.
DSHS logo
Children’s Administration works with children and families to identify their needs and develop a plan for services which support families and assure safety and well-being for children. These services are designed to reduce the risk of abuse, find safe alternatives to out-of-home placement, and assure safety and permanency for children in care.
 KitsapMHS Logo
Intensive Children’s Services offers a supportive environment for foster children ages 6-18 to succeed through treatment foster care. This program serves foster families and children in Kitsap, Mason and Jefferson counties by recruiting, training and licensing their own foster families. Children with specific emotional and behavioral problems are placed in homes with foster parents specifically trained and supported to help youth heal. Foster parents and children alike benefit from this program that features a therapist on staff and a team approach that wraps services around the child to help youth heal from the abuses they have suffered.



 Lorenes Place Logo
Lorene’s Place II Child Placement Agency  Lorene’s Place II (LPII) is a multicultural organization filling a void and working with a non-discriminatory fashion within a diverse community of children from all walks of life, creed, religious background, race, national origin, and more.
Olive Crest Logo
Olive Crest foster care serves children in the foster care system by recruiting, training, certifying, and supporting Christian foster families. Our goal is to provide excellent care for children until they can be safely returned to their families. For those children not able to return home, the Olive Crest Foster Care team works to connect them with adoptive families.

Pierce County Alliance has been operating for over 20 years, licensing foster homes and providing case management support services for the youth. The program licenses foster homes for children from birth through age 21 who have been placed in foster care. All Pierce County Alliance foster homes are assigned a professional and caring case manager who coordinates services, accesses community resources, advocates for the needs of the foster children and foster home and provides on-going training and support to the families. We also provide a 24 hour crisis phone for our foster families.

Puyallup Tribe Logo
Puyallup Tribe’s Children Services licenses home for foster and respite care and are looking for families who are either enrolled Native American or have a letter of dependency to foster Puyallup Tribal children. Non-native applicants can also apply for licensure.


service alternatives
Service Alternatives Inc licenses families all over Washington State for Regular, Specialized, Assessment and Therapeutic  foster care to children ages 0 thru 17 years old.  We also license families to support kids for respite and foster-adopt.  With any level of care, SA Inc. offers tailored support and services to help the family and child achieve success.
YMCA The YMCA team of traditional, respite and therapeutic foster parents and staff provide a bridge to nurturing, permanent homes by offering not only a safe and loving foster home, but also individualized support and intervention based on the unique needs of each child (ages 0-21) and family. YMCA foster homes are located in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties. The Y has been serving children and families since 1987.