State & Private Agencies

Child welfare in Washington State has been done by churches, charities and agencies for over one hundred years. As state government has become more involved in concerns for children they have developed contracts with private agencies to help them meet the growing demand of homes for the children in their care. The state sets requirements and licenses both state and private agency foster homes.

Today, children enter foster care through Children’s Administration. The state then contacts state foster parents and private agencies for the placement of the children in foster homes. The agency matches children to foster homes within their agency. Private agencies often specialize in certain types of children, provide case managers and offer other services to foster children and foster parents.

Questions to Help You Select an Agency

1. What geographic areas do they serve?
2. How long have they been an agency?
3. What services do they offer?
4. Do they specialize in specific types of care?
5. Do they have support counselors or case aides?
6. How many case managers do they have?

7. What is the case manager to child ratio?
8. What is the education/experience of their case managers?
9. How many licensed foster care homes do they serve?
10. Are their case managers on call 24/7?
11. How long will it take to get licensed?
12. Do they do adoptions also? If so, what is the fee structure?



Private Agency Directory

There are many Private Agencies who offer Licensing and Placement Services to families throughout your Region. Below is a list of Private Agencies in your region. As we identify more, we will be adding them to this site.