African American Resources

What does it mean to be African American in the Pacific Northwest? It is a beautiful range of colors and hues — a diversity of experiences and locations. African Americans come from a variety of countries of origin, both known and unknown representing an assortment of religions, a staggering array of occupations, a multitude of co-workers, neighbors, friends and families, and an ever evolving community that continues to shape and reshape the human experience in the Pacific Northwest region. The Northwest African American Museum invites you to explore this continually changing story, for it is yours, it is mine, it is all of ours.

Martin Luther King Jr Family Outreach Center
Martin Luther King Jr, Family Outreach Center improves the quality of life for children, youth and families in Spokane through an array of culturally responsive educational and social services within the framework of Dr. King’s vision of equal respect, treatment and accessibility for all people. Their Children’s Services Department works with Spokane-area children and youth, and provides them with a safe, holistic environment where they can learn and grow within a framework that includes active parent involvement.