Comfort bags are for children who are placed into out-of-home care or into care in a relatives’ home when their birth families are unable to safely care for them. At this difficult time of transition, children are often unable to bring any basic personal or comfort items with them. A comfort bag gives a child who is being placed into a stranger’s home basic hygiene items, clothing and a comfort item such as a stuffed animal.

In response to this need, a comfort bag ministry was launched in Whatcom County and age/gender specific bags began being distributed through the Bellingham Children’s Administration office. This work gradually captured the attention of others who were looking for ways to supporting foster children. As a result, we have seen the Comfort Bag project spreading as additional Children’s Administration offices have been “adopted” by groups in their community.

Fostering Together is recruiting groups willing to partner with us in order to meet our goal to have bags available to give to children at the time of their first placement in each office. This is a wonderful opportunity for a church or community group to help make a tangible difference in the life of foster child. While having something to cuddle may not remove all of the pain a child experiences, it can help to make the transition into a new home easier.

For more information on launching a Comfort Bag Project in your community, please contact your local liaison by entering your zip code below:

For printable labels that you can use for your own Comfort Bags*, please click on the links below:

Comfort Bag Labels for Infants
Comfort Bag Labels for Toddlers
Comfort Bag Labels for Children
Comfort Bag Labels for Teens

*Note that these are Fostering Together Labels. Feel free to modify the labels with your own logo/information.

Washington State DCFS Offices

This Map shows all of Washington State’s DSHS Offices and the groups who are providing Comfort Bags to them. Please consider partnering with us in order to meet our goal of having every office “adopted” by at least one group.

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