Shala Crow

Program Director

Serves: Region 2 & 3

Shala has been with Fostering Together Program for over 10 years and is passionate about the foster care system and ways to improve the quantity of foster homes available and the quality of lives of the children who reside in them. She served on as a 1624/CAFPT Representative for Region 2 North for 7 years.  She was a foster parent for 9 years and has adopted 3 children.

Leeann Marshel

Critical Support Clinician

Serves Region 2 and Region 3

Leeann is passionate about working with foster families and children. She looks forward to partnering with DCFS and community partners including CPA’s, Non-Profit organizations and churches to create community based supports for caregivers.


Summer Buckles

FIRST Program

Serves: FIRST Program

As a longtime foster and adoptive older sister, Summer has seen firsthand the need for more quality foster homes. Summer is not only passionate about making sure there are more homes for the foster kids brought into the state system but also supporting foster families so that they can be successful in caring for them.