As experienced foster/adoptive parents, our community-based liaisons understand what you are going through. They are available to answer all your questions from the perspective of someone who has gone through the process. They can connect you with trainings and resources, assist with your licensing application packet, and provide any other assistance you may need during your journey to becoming a foster parent.

Fostering Together liaisons are also available to support licensed and relative caregivers in their community. Whether you need help navigating the DSHS system or just want to talk to someone who understands the challenges you face as a caregiver, our liaisons are here to help. And with over 35 community-based support groups throughout Western Washington, there are people in your area who want to make sure you get the support and training you need to parent the children in your care. These groups are open to all licensed families, relative caregivers, and those considering becoming a foster parent.

Fostering Together liaisons are passionate about making a difference in the lives of caregivers and their foster children. For support, please enter your zip code for your community based liaison’s contact information.


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Open Position

African American Community Outreach

Crow work

Shala Crow

Region 2 Program Coordinator

Serves: Region 2

Shala is passionate about the foster care system and wants to improve the quality of foster homes available and the lives of the children who reside in them.

Deena Parra Headshot

Deena Parra

Support Assistant

As Support Assistant, Deena looks forward to helping with various projects statewide and to offer support to the Fostering Together team. Deena was a licensed foster home for over 15 years and is also a foster adopt parent.


Rebecca Larson Headshot

Rebecca Larsen

Native American Community Outreach

Rebecca is a proud member of the Quinault Indian Nation whose tribal lineage goes back to straight Quileute lineage.  She is the third generation in her family affected by pre- Indian Child Welfare Act policies of the State of Washington.  Because of her lived experience including the loss of her cultural ties to her tribal community, she understands the deep, negative impact this can have on our Native children in care.  It has also inspired her to advocate for the Native community and their children and she looks forward to supporting other Native foster parents in this position. For more information on her personal story, Click Here.

Mary Headshot

Maria Sherry

Hispanic Community Outreach

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Maria moved to Marysville 14 years ago. Since then she has served the community in Snohomish County. Maria is passionate about education, health and family and enjoys getting to know people, to learn their stories and help them to achieve their goals as a family. She looks forward to serving the foster care community in this new position.


CeCe Headshot

CeCe Smith

African American Community Outreach

CeCe is a second generation foster parent who has been fostering since 2007 and has cared for over 25+ youth. After being raised around youth in care for over 18 years she decided to become a foster parent and has spent over seven years working with young adults post foster care. CeCe really enjoys advocating for youth in care and looks forward to serving then in this new position.

Maia Anderson Headshot

Maia Anderson

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: South King County

Foster Parent Since: 2014

Maia’s passion for fostering comes both from a personal faith-based conviction as well as having a parent who grew up in foster care. As a liaison, she is committed to supporting healthy families for kids to grow, develop and thrive in

Summer Buckles

Summer Buckles

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Lynnwood, Everett and Sky Valley

As a longtime foster and adoptive older sister, Summer has seen firsthand the need for more quality foster homes. Summer is not only passionate about making sure there are more homes for the foster kids brought into the state system but also supporting foster families so that they can be successful in caring for them.

Megan Harp Headshot

Megan Harp

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Smokey Point and Marysville

Foster Parent Since: Not currently licensed

Megan was a foster/adoptive parent for 3 years and now she looks forward to using her experience and education to help families advocate for their special needs children.



Leilani McClure

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: NorthEast King County

Foster Parent Since: 2010

Leilani’s desire is to share about the great need Washington State has for loving, caring homes that will open their hearts and doors to foster children

JoAnne Moran Headshots

JoAnne Moran

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: King West, White Center and MLK)

Foster Parent Since: 2010

JoAnne’s goal is to help support foster families by making sure that their questions are answered and that they are aware of resources available to them.


Angela Pitts-Long

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: The King County African American and Afrikan Immigrant Population

Foster Parent Since: 2001

Angie’s passion is helping to recruit foster homes from the communities she serves and is determined to help build a network of support for these families.


Christina Urtasun

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Island, Skagit, San Juan and Whatcom Counties

Foster Parent Since: 2001

Christina wants to encourage people to become foster parents and support licensed foster parents so that all of our children have a safe and loving home.


Leeann Marshel

Region 3 Program Coordinator

Serves: Region 3

Leeann is passionate about working with foster families and children. She looks forward to partnering with DCFS and community partners including CPA’s, Non-Profit organizations and churches to create community based supports for caregivers.

Michelle Fowler Headshot

Michelle Fowler

Support Assistant

Foster Parent Since: 2012

Growing up, Michelle’s family cared for foster children so when she married, she knew she wanted to be a licensed foster parent. She and her husband have three grown children and they just adopted five children, aged 2, 4, 5, 8 and 15. Michelle is also a Co-Trainer with the UW Alliance and was a Parent Mentor with DSHS. She is passionate about children and families and looks forward to helping make life a little easier for the families she works with.

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Open Position

Native American Outreach Liaison

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Open Position

Hispanic Community Outreach

Linda Cortani Headshot

Linda Cortani

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Jefferson and Clallam Counties

Foster Parent Since: 2010

Linda believes that every child should have a chance to thrive and have the support they need to build a positive future. She looks forward to recruiting new foster parents and supplying caregivers with the support they need.

Niki-Region 3 Liaison

Niki Favela

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Cowlitz, Lewis and Wahkiakum Counties

Foster Parent Since: 2009

As an alumni of foster care and caregiver of therapeutic foster care, Niki understands how important caregivers are to helping provide children with the stability they need to heal. She hopes to recruit quality foster homes and make sure they receive the support they need to be successful.


Kim Glover

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Clark and Skamania Counties

Foster Parent Since: 2003

As a liaison, Kim is looking forward to providing foster parents with the support they deserve, helping them learn to support each other and helping recruit new foster parents so that every child has a safe, loving, and consistent home.

Niki Hatz Headshot

Niki Hatzenbuehler

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Thurston and Mason Counties
Foster Parent Since: 2013

As a Liaison, Niki is passionate about recruiting new families and partnering with community based supports to ensure that no child is left without a stable home and no foster family is left without a support system. She encourages families to compassionately care for the caseworker, the biological family of the child and other stakeholders in the child’s life whenever possible, as each person is critical in the successful development of a child in care.

Jeanie Johns Headshot

Jeanie Johns

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Kitsap County

Foster Parent Since: 2007

Jeanie looks forward to recruiting new families by empowering people to advocate for children regardless of the circumstances. She also wants to help establish support groups for parents and bio-children so that no one will ever feel isolated or alone in the work.

Tristan Head Shot

Tristan Mitchell

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Grays, Harbor & Pacific Counties
Foster Parent Since: 2009

As a foster parent, relative caregiver and adoptive parent, Tristan’s family has been enriched in immeasurable ways. She is passionate about helping kids in care and the families they are placed with and she firmly believes that every child deserves to grow up in a loving family that will support and encourage them throughout childhood. She looks forward to working with you to help children who are suffering and missing out on essential parts of childhood.


Erika Thompson

Recruiter Liaison

Serves: Pierce County

Foster Parent Since: 2007

As a liaison, Erika looks forward to impacting not only the recruitment of new foster parents, but also support and retain those families that are crucial to the stability and livelihood of our community’s foster children.