2015 Holiday Magic Program

The 2015 Holiday Magic program put on by Treehouse, in partnership with Children’s Administration, is under way!  This year Treehouse will be sending out both letters and emails to caregivers with program information.  The initial email will go out to caregivers on October 1.  The initial letter will be sent on October 15. Caregivers can request a gift by completing the form mailed to them and mailing it back to Treehouse, or they can fill out the online form.
The Online Request Page for caregivers (www.treehouseforkids.org/registration) will be open and live on October 15.
The first shipment of gifts will be scheduled November 12.  Treehouse asks that any questions about a request, or expected delivery time be held until the first shipment is scheduled.  Shipments will be scheduled every Tuesday starting November 17, with the final shipment in 2015 scheduled for Monday, December 21.
Eligibility:  Children/youth that are in the following legal status are eligible to participate in the 2015 Holiday Magic Program:
1.      Dependent Children of the state of Washington who are:
a.      In an out- of- home placement, including tribal children who are dependents of the state of Washington
b.      Age 18 or older participating in the Extended Foster Care/Foster Care programs
c.      Served under Courtesy Supervision and residing in another region of the state; or
d.      Served under Interstate Compact for Placement of Children (ICPC) residing in another state,
2.      Children placed in out-of-home care on Shelter Care Order
All requests from caregivers for eligibility inquiries, data changes, and additions will be sent directly to the family’s social worker, asking the Social Worker to verify the request by having the social worker make a submission on this form.
Registration Deadline:   December 15, 2015
Treehouse will begin shipping gifts to youth and caregivers beginning November 12, and will continue to accept gift registrations until December 15, 2015.

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